Our highly experienced bankruptcy lawyers can help you eliminate or restructure your personal debt.

The key with bankruptcy and debt issues is to have a bankruptcy attorney who understands the complexities of the system—and the delicacies of your situation. Trevett Cristo offers bankruptcy and debt relief* for individuals and families seeking protection from the bankruptcy courts in Upstate New York.

Over 25 years experience. An average of over 100 bankruptcies filed a year. And overwhelmingly favorable client experiences.

About tax debt relief

If you are considering bankruptcy to eliminate or reorganize your tax arrears to the state or federal government, you’ll want a knowledgeable attorney on your side. Certain conditions must be met before tax debt may be eliminated—we will explain the laws and help you understand your options.

We’ll stop collection calls

Creditors and collection agencies are required by law to communicate with your attorney for all collection actions regarding your debt. When you retain us as your legal counsel, your debtors will be notified that all collection calls to your home or office must stop immediately.


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