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The recently enacted federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) eliminates the tax deduction for spousal maintenance (alimony) payments on your federal inco..

Cindy Lapoff, partner at Trevet Cristo P.C., was featured on WHAM's Ask the Experts on November 17th, 2018.

A recent local court decision serves as a reminder of the importance in carefully drafting the language in divorce agreements as it relates to spousal ma..

In New York State, an employee who is receiving workers’ compensation benefits typically cannot sue his or her employer, even if it was a co-worker’s fau..

Orders of Protection are typically issued by Family Court or Criminal Court when there is “good cause shown.” It is important to remember that these are ..

How it works and why it matters
If you’ve been convicted of DWI or DWAI, you understand that your whole lifestyle can be impacted due to restrictions on your ..

Melanie Wolk and Alan De Peters, both partners of Trevett Cristo P.C., were featured on WHAM's Ask the Experts on May 12th, 2018.

Emily Fusco and Clark Zimmermann of Trevett Cristo P.C. were featured on WHAM's Ask the Experts on April 21st, 2018. Fusco, an associate at Trevett Cr..

New limited liability companies formed in New York are forced to clear an additional hurdle that is only required in two other states: publication of not..