Cindy Lapoff, partner at Trevett Cristo P.C., was featured on WHAM's Ask the Experts on November 17th, 2018.

Lapoff explains New York State Paid Family Leave (PFL) and the qualifications for use and upcoming changes in the new year. She went on to detail how PFL is not the same as disability leave. Disability leave is used for your own treatment, PFL can only be used when you are required to take time off to assist a family member through an illness, welcoming a new child, or have an active military family member. She also details the decision making process, stating that employers are not making the decision to grant leave, but rather insurance carriers review if leave qualifies.

Lapoff continued to express that it is often small businesses that are most impacted by employees taking substantial amounts of leave. She discussed how employers of any size should assess personnel regularly and cross train or contact temp agencies to back fill key roles within their organization.

She then went on to talk about how this is an additional resource to employees. No longer are employees forced to decide between work and family. She also discussed that the law will roll-out over 4 years. Coming in 2019 employees will see 10 weeks of PFL and a new qualification for those who donate an organ. There also is a pending qualification regarding bereavement that may be added in the future. Lastly she mentioned the online portal, where helpful content will be continuously added for both employers and employees.

Listen to her full segment on Ask the Experts now.