If you’ve been convicted of DWI or DWAI, you understand that your whole lifestyle can be impacted due to restrictions on your license, fees associated with an Ignition Interlock Device, and other DMV expenses. While the initial penalties can be severe, you may be able to put this mistake behind you. New York State recently passed a provision which allows certain eligible criminal convictions to be sealed.

Eligibility: Among other factors, ten years must have passed since you were sentenced. Additionally, during that ten-year period no further criminal convictions can occur. At the time of the sealing application, you cannot have any unresolved pending charges. The sealing application is reviewed by the sentencing Court to determine eligibility. In determining whether to grant sealing, the Court will also consider the character of the defendant, including any measures the defendant has taken toward rehabilitation. As these applications are carefully reviewed by the Court, it is crucial to ensure that your application contains all of the essential details and supporting documentation.

Are you wondering if you’re eligible? The attorneys at Trevett Cristo can review your case for eligibility and help you apply to seal your record. It’s time to move forward!