Melanie Wolk and Alan De Peters, both partners of Trevett Cristo P.C., were featured on WHAM's Ask the Experts on May 12th, 2018.

Wolk discussed how presenting an oral argument in court is similar to a performance, as it requires practice and the ability to analyze how the argument made will be received. She also explained the lengthy timeline of litigation cases and how scheduling between involved parties often results in delays which helps to explain why only 2-3 percent of cases in Monroe County go to court. She then went on to explain commercial litigation and how many companies present concerns regarding public reputation and vulnerability with potential for other companies to take advantage of the situation. Wolk expressed that constant client updates help ease such concerns and keep the channels of communication open.

De Peters recalled how his past work in construction led him to the practice of law by experiencing complicated issues first hand and seeing the opportunity to help others through law. He went on to explain his work as a litigator with a focus on construction and the importance of scaffold law, including the value of having the support and guidance of an attorney. He briefly discussed his experience representing U.S. companies in Canada and how cross border regulations regarding employee wages and worker’s compensation are not cut and dry issues.

Both Wolk and De Peters talked about the culture at Trevett Cristo and how an open door policy has been fully embraced leading to a braintrust of ideas. De Peters even stated that it has promoted client relationship growth because clients have access to multiple experts for one issue.

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