Emily Fusco and Clark Zimmermann of Trevett Cristo P.C. were featured on WHAM's Ask the Experts on April 21st, 2018.

Fusco, an associate at Trevett Cristo, discussed how she became interested in family law as this area deals with clients on a personal level. Over the course of her career, the ability to relate to her client’s circumstances allows her to be their strongest advocate throughout the legal process. She also spoke to the collaborative structure of the firm and the benefit that clients receive when enlisting the expertise of other attorneys and resources in the firm to achieve the best possible outcome.

Zimmermann, partner at Trevett Cristo, discussed how his role as a criminal defense attorney has taught him to be empathetic and compassionate. He further stated how he understands the lasting impacts a conviction can have on an individual’s life, which is why he works tirelessly to protect his clients’ interests.

Zimmermann also emphasized the importance of not just knowing the case, but getting to know the client and recognizing when options other than trial are more appropriate solutions.

Both Fusco and Zimmermann contributed to explaining self-defense and how it is viewed and defined in New York State. They outlined how a retreat policy first is encouraged prior to using physical force, but stressed that if you were involved in a physical altercation, seeking legal advice could help you understand the repercussions both for the present and future.

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