Experience, reputation, and a complete understanding of how to get your project approved.

In an industry in which timing and approvals are everything, our land use development attorneys have the experience and relationships you need to help your project get approved so you can get building.

Well connected and well regarded

With our attorneys’ extensive experience comes something our clients find invaluable: relationships with municipalities across the region. We know the people who are likely behind the approval of your project and navigate accordingly so your project will get off on the right foot.

We understand the complexities of land use development

Developing open land requires extensive, comprehensive preparation in advance. From the intricacies of land use development law to the politics of local governments, we provide expert legal counsel to developers large and small, local and national.

  • Site plan approvals
  • Use and area variances
  • Building permit applications
  • Change of zoning
  • Special use permit applications
  • SEQR matters


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