At Trevett Cristo, we recommend that if you are out drinking, you do not get behind the wheel of a car--to keep yourself and others safe. That being said, we understand that circumstances arise, and we want to protect your rights should you ever be pulled over and charged with a DWI.

If you do find yourself in this situation, follow these 4 steps that will help you in the long run.

1. Remain Calm, Careful and Respectful: As soon as the police officer pulls you over because he or she believes you may be under the influence, they will look for tell-tale signs. Pull over slowly and safely, be respectful and calm when you talk with them.

2.Don’t Incriminate Yourself: While we don’t condone lying, you have the right to not answer the officer's questions. If he asks where you were or if you have been drinking, you can simply and politely tell him you have been advised not to answer that. Many people become anxious after being pulled over so they try to act naturally and in turn answer questions. This can also result in nervous or hesitant answers, which an officer might consider “slurred” speech - a sign of drinking. If you have been drinking and tell the officer this, it is considered testifying against yourself.

3. You Can Refuse a Sobriety Test: You do have the legal right to refuse to perform a sobriety test. However, this can have two-sides, as the officer might become angry or use this information against you. You also have the right to refuse a breathalyzer on scene. If you are arrested though, you will need to perform a chemical test at the police station.

4. Get a Good Attorney - Call Trevett Cristo Law: If you have been suspected of DWI, the best thing to do is remain calm. We have experience in DWI cases and want to make sure your Constitutional rights are protected throughout the entire process. Call a lawyer at Trevett Cristo today so we can help.