Honorable Robert Lunn and Melanie Slaughter Wolk - Ask the Experts

Honorable Robert Lunn and Melanie Slaughter Wolk of Trevett Cristo P.C. were featured on WHAM's hour long Ask the Experts radio show on October 28th, 2017.

Lunn, a retired Supreme Court Justice and partner at Trevett Cristo, explained the difference between mediation and arbitration. He discussed what win-lose scenarios mean, how it is possible to both win and lose, and what a good outcome involves. He also talked about the meaning behind “I’ll see you in court” and the expenses of going to trial instead of a mediation.

Due to his time on the bench, his views of law changed over the years by allowing him to see cases from multiple perspectives. He discusses in depth how his experience on the bench has allowed him to put his skills to use in the mediation practice.

Wolk, partner at Trevett Cristo, defined several aspects of litigation while comparing a jury to mediation or arbitration. She broke down the process of a case, explaining the financial, emotional and timely toll it can take on an individual by adding much more money and risk going to trial. Furthermore, she discussed torts and the process behind it, as well.

Both Lunn and Wolk went into detail about the team at Trevett Cristo and how the attorneys truly due work together to create the best outcome for their client.

Listen to their segments on Ask the Experts to learn more.