Joseph Interlichia and William LaForte - Ask the Experts

Joseph Interlichia and William LaForte, partners at Trevett Cristo P.C., were featured on WHAM's hour long Ask the Experts radio show on December 9, 2017. The two attorneys focused their discussion on multiple aspects of real estate including both residential and commercial matters.

Interlichia stressed to first-time homeowners and repeat homebuyers the importance of having an experienced real estate attorney to help guide them through buying a home. He explained how an effective real estate attorney can create realistic expectations and assist with the complicated process.

The two attorneys discussed how the entire process is an educational experience and working with the right legal representation is key since there are so many variables. Whether it is reviewing the contract or ensuring the closing goes as smoothly as possible, the attorneys at Trevett Cristo can help.

Interlichia and LaForte also go into how the housing crash impacted the economy and impacted how people buy homes today. The way commitments and loans are treated have become much different than the past.

LaForte described Trevett Cristo as the ideal fantasy team who put a focus on getting to know their clients and their legal needs. He discussed how the variety of expertise at the firm allows for attorneys with different disciplines to take a team approach, resulting in the best outcome for the clients.

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