Bill LaForte and Mary O'Connell of Trevett Cristo P.C. were featured on WHAM's hour long “Ask the Experts” radio show on April 29th, 2017.

LaForte, partner at Trevett Cristo, discussed homeowner's associations -- what they are, what it means to live in one, and how an attorney can help a homebuyer understand and protect their rights when it comes to purchasing a unit in a Community Association.

He also offered insights as to why an attorney is essential to helping Boards of Directors of Community Associations, as they can offer legal guidance on how to manage the association. An increasingly significant area of his practice, LaForte currently represents over 30 homeowner's associations in the Greater Rochester community.

O’Connell, partner at Trevett Cristo, discussed several aspects of commercial law, including how passion leads to successful entrepreneurship and how to effectively start a business in New York State. She also explained the important role experienced lawyers play in advising a business looking to grow through acquisitions and considerations for a business owner looking to sell her company.

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Bill LaForte - Ask the Experts

Mary O'Connell - Ask the Experts