Commercial real estate can be a tricky business, especially if you are buying or selling it. Whether you are buying or selling a piece of commercial real estate, you need to have a lawyer guide you through the legalities of a deal to protect your interests. Commercial real estate has its own set of complexities which are far different from residential real estate. Whether it is a strip plaza, warehouse, office building, convenience store or any other type of commercial real estate, issues are plentiful and in some instances you may not even be aware of them.

You will no doubt have some environmental issues, perhaps you have tenants with leases, perhaps there are approvals needed in order to operate the property the way the Buyer wishes and you no doubt will have some financing concerns. Every situation is unique and commercial property is far from cookie cutter. This is why you need an experienced attorney who specializes in commercial real estate.

Our team of commercial real estate attorneys has the breadth and depth of experience in dealing with all types of commercial properties. Don't short change yourself! Call upon us for a free consultation to determine what you may need when dealing with a piece of commercial real estate.