You’re driving down the highway when that annoying, overplayed song comes on. You glance down in disgust to change it.

Out of nowhere, traffic comes to a sudden halt. You slowly brake safely behind the next car. You were prepared.

The driver behind you wasn’t. A rearend collision results in minor injuries to both you and your passenger.

Unfortunately, situations like this occur every day on roads across the globe. They’re an inevitable byproduct of daily commutes, errands, events, and gatherings.

A car accident is scary, and it can happen any time you’re driving (whether it’s your fault or another’s). The moments right after an accident are filled with shock, fear, and apprehension.

However, knowing exactly what to do is crucial for staying calm and taking all the necessary precautions. Follow these 6 steps immediately following an accident to help ensure your personal injury justice throughout the legal process.

1. Dial 911

The first thing to do in any accident, no matter how minor, is to call the police.

They are there to help and will know how to properly handle the situation. They’ll direct traffic, call any necessary emergency units, and create an accident report. The officers will also keep everyone involved safe while assessing any damage or injuries and taking down observations of the incident.

2. Gather information

You’ll need to document as much information as possible on both the driver and accident.

The Driver:

  • Any contact information including name, phone number, address, and email
  • Their insurance company's name, phone number, and the driver’s policy number
  • The names and contact info for any witnesses or passengers

The Accident:

  • Your specific injuries
  • The damage to your vehicle
  • How the accident occurred and what caused it
  • As many photos of the scene as possible

3. Give details to EMS

The Emergency Medical Services team who arrive on scene will be a major tool for your personal injury case.

Their report is extremely important for getting you the justice you deserve. Provide them with accurate descriptions of your injuries and keep track of any medical care they provide you with. They’ll also be sure to take care of you or any passengers immediately if serious injuries have occurred.

4. File a police report

Official police reports are also valuable documents to get fair results for your personal injury case. They contain accurate information about the logistics of the accident including the driver’s errors, a timeline of events, any necessary contact details, and all the insurance information of those involved.

Officers will also take down their observations of the scene itself such as weather conditions, road conditions, time of day, and other factors which may have impacted the accident.

5. See a doctor

After the accident, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible for your injuries. The most important thing is to receive the treatment you need while taking the necessary steps to full recovery.

As for your personal injury case, you’re going to need credible medical documentation from your independent physician. If you’re in need of further medical attention from specialists, be sure to document their contact information and what they specifically did for you.

6. Give Trevett Cristo a call

Our personal injury attorneys are here for you throughout the entire process. We will organize all of the information available, offer legal guidance, and provide expert consultation based on the incident.

Trevett Cristo Salzer & Andolina P.C. has been proudly serving the Rochester, NY community for over 90 years. We know how to win personal injury cases, and our team will do the tough work to verify your injuries and property damage to get you full legal justice.

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