Recently, there have been numerous natural disasters that have taken a heavy toll on our country. Between news reports, pictures, videos and posts, the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey spread quickly. With more than 126,000 Houston homes damaged, the team at Trevett Cristo knew it was time to take action and get involved.

Debbie Czudak, a paralegal at Trevett Cristo, organized the efforts by emailing all employees, encouraging them to help Houston after this tragedy. A small effort that started by collecting clothing and household items to donate, turned into a much larger effort including refrigerators, microwaves, lamps, strollers and books.

As the effort continued to grow, Mike Harren, a partner at Trevett Cristo, communicated with the Teamsters Local 118 team and discovered that the local union was organizing a trip to Houston to transport necessary supplies. The Teamsters Local 118 team left Trevett Cristo on October 2nd with several loaded trucks of donated items to bring to Houston with them.

Trevett Cristo is proud to have employees that go above and beyond to help communities in need. We would like to thank the Teamsters Local 118 for their generosity in making this effort possible.