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We are Trevett Cristo Salzer & Andolina P.C., a law firm of recognized, highly regarded attorneys practicing law in Upstate and Western New York. Our approach is a client-focused one, in which we serve each client with the dedication, determination, and legal prowess you deserve.


    Our History

    We began as Brown & Zurrett in 1926. Back then, our primary focus was to serve major insurance carriers, and as our reputation among judges and peers spread across Upstate and Western New York, we became known as a paramount trial law firm...

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    Our Philosophy

    We’re not about taking on as many clients as we can. We’re not about shuffling cases off to junior associates or adding more lawyers to your team than your case needs. We’re about doing everything it takes to help our clients achieve the best legal...

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    Our Team

    We are some of the best legal minds in the region. Some of the most respected lawyers in the boardroom, courtroom, and community. Some of the most prominent and up-and-coming talent in Rochester. And this is our team...

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We’re a client-centric firm. After all, the more satisfied they are, the more successful we are.

  • Joe Interlichia is our go-to attorney for all commercial real estate matters as well as for residential real estate transactions for our key executives and employees. We have worked with Joe for twenty years and he has consistently delivered great service and excellent results. We don’t make a move without running it by Joe first.

    Anthony Monaco,Vice President and Corporate Counsel, Rochester Colonial Mfg. Corp.

  • Trevett Cristo Law has been a pleasure to work with. Ken's small business team navigates complex legal transactions thoroughly, quickly, and in a manner that is easily understood.

    Jeff Lennox,CEO, Archer Communications